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Amadeus is a global distribution system (GDS) used by travel agencies worldwide.

Amadeus is one of the industry standard booking and reservation systems used by travel companies worldwide. Many travel companies will list a full understanding of Amadeus as ‘essential’ on their job specifications, It is much easier to get a job in the travel sector with proven Amadeus GDS skills and experience. Amadeus holds around 35% of the global travel market and is widely used throughout Europe and Asia. Major travel companies who also use Amadeus include Ebookers, Expedia, Opodo and Flightline. Our Amadeus course is recognised all over the world and is fully compliant with the IATA’s GDS (International Air Transport Association’s Global Distribution Systems) requirements.

Current available Amadeus courses below:

COURSE 1: Introduction to Amadeus - 45 hour course with work book

A fast-paced and thorough introduction to the Amadeus GDS.

Course curriculum: This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Amadeus system.

Course curriculum: This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Amadeus system. It is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn the Amadeus system. 

20 + lessons, PDF Workbook, Expires after 45 hours of usage or 180 days from first login  |  5 quizzes  |  1 final examination  |  45hrs training time

Course cost: £149.00

  1. Course Introduction, Sign In and Out of Amadeus, Encode and Decode 
  2. PNR Retrieval 
  3. Timetables, Availability, Schedules, Access Types 
  4. Return Travel, Return Availability, Availability Change, Codeshares, Alliances and LCCs 
  5. Creating a PNR 
  6. Creating Complete PNRs 
  7. General Remarks, Frequent Flyer, Mailing Address, Billing Address 
  8. SSR Elements, OSI Elements 
  9. Cancel and Change PNR Elements 
  10. Advance Seating Requests 
  11. Seat Maps, Book Specific Seats 
  12. Amadeus Cars I 
  13. Amadeus Cars II 
  14. Amadeus Hotels I 
  15. Amadeus Hotels II 
  16. Fare Displays
  17. Fare Notes
  18. Price Itineraries
  19. Issuing Tickets
  20. Ancillary Services and EMD's 
  21. Queues
  22. Queue Tasks
  23. Calculator and Currency Functions, Minimum Connect Times
  24. Help System and AIS

COURSE 3: amadeus expert

Comprehensive and fast paced training in the Amadeus GDS system

Course curriculum: The course provides you with comprehensive training in the Amadeus GDS system.

Course curriculum: The course provides you with comprehensive training in the Amadeus GDS system. Suitable for beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge of GDS, this course will provide you with an expert level of knowledge in Amadeus GDS. The course covers the following subjects in detail: airline reservations, automatic fares and ticketing, car and hotel reservations, tour source and TIMATIC

68 lessons  |  10 exercises | 20 quizzes  |  7 final examination  |  70hrs training time

Course cost: £209.00

Airline Reservations – Part I

  1. Introduction, signing in and out, work areas
  2. Encode and Decode
  3. Introduction to the PNR
  4. PNR redisplay, subfield display
  5. Timetable, flight details
  6. Flight availability, return availability, schedules, shortcut flight info
  7. Booking Seats from Availability
  8. Name Elements, Contact Elements
  9. Ticketing Element, Received-From Element
  10. Build and end a complete PNR
  11. Cancel and Change Mandatory PNR Elements
  12. Mailing Address and Billing Address Elements
  13. General remark and OSI elements
  14. SSR and frequent flyer elements
  15. Cancel and Change Optional PNR Elements
  16. Advance seating requests
  17. Seat maps
  18. Request specific seats, specific seat wish, modify seating
  19. Calculator and currency functions, minimum connect times
  20. Help system
  21. AIS

Airline Reservations – Part II

  1. Advanced availability entries
  2. Access types
  3. Direct sell, waitlist, open/ARNK/passive segments
  4. PNR claim
  5. Split PNR
  6. Working with non-homogeneous PNRs
  7. Customer profiles
  8. Queue count, queue placement, option element
  9. Queue access/exit, remove/delay queued PNRs
  10. Segment status, schedule change, waitlist assurance

Automated Fares and Ticketing

  1. Basic fare displays, carrier specific fares
  2. Fare displays for specific dates
  3. Additional fare displays options
  4. Fare display follow up entries
  5. Fare notes
  6. Itinerary pricing
  7. Stored itinerary pricing
  8. Best buy pricing
  9. Pricing options
  10. PNR fare elements
  11. Ticketing
  12. Issuing EMD

Car Reservations

  1. Car location lists
  2. Display and book from multi-company car availability
  3. Display and book from single company car availability
  4. Direct car availability entries
  5. Car availability options
  6. Car sell options and direct car sell
  7. Car segment modify entries
  8. Car rate features, car terms, car policy

Hotel Reservations

  1. Hotel location lists
  2. Display multi-property hotel availability
  3. Direct hotel availability entries
  4. Hotel display options
  5. Hotel points of reference
  6. Hotel features entries
  7. Hotel sell options and chain-specific help pages
  8. Book a hotel directly and from a location list
  9. Change, add to, delete from, and cancel hotel segments

Tour source

  1. The TourSource system
  2. Book tours in TourSource
  3. Modify a tour booking, complete TourSource entries


  1. Timatic Basics
  2. Timatic full-text, guided/expert modes
  3. Miscellaneous Timatic entries
  4. Timaticweb