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Galileo ONline GDS system training courses
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Galileo is a global distribution system (GDS) used by travel agencies throughout Europe and Asia.

Galileo is a computer reservations system (CRS) owned by Travelport. As of 2002, it had a 26.4% share of worldwide CRS airline bookings. In addition to airline reservations, the Galileo CRS is also used to book train travel, cruises, car rental, and hotel rooms. As a popular tool for professionals in the tourism and travel industries, delegates earn the Galileo Certificate which demonstrates fluency in the system’s operations.

Current available Galileo courses below:

COURSE 1: Introduction to Galileo

A fast paced course which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Galileo GDS system

Course curriculum: The course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Galileo system inclu

Course curriculum: The course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Galileo system including 40hrs of training time. The course includes: flight reservations, automated fares and ticketing and car hire and hotel reservations

24 lessons  |  5 quizzes  |  1 final examination  |  40hrs training time

Course cost: £159.00

  1. Introduction to the Course, Sign On/Off, Encode and Decode
  2. BF Retrieval, Similar Name Lists, Display BF Subfields
  3. Timetable Displays, Availability and Link Indicators
  4. Return Availability, Flight Details, Advanced Availability, Codeshares, Alliances and LCCs
  5. The Mandatory BF Fields
  6. Build and End Complete BFs
  7. Optional BF Fields
  8. OSI and SSR Messages
  9. BF Management
  10. Seat Assignment by Area, Changing and Canceling
  11. Seat Maps, Assigning Seats by Specific Number
  12. Booking a car at a passenger's destination
  13. Car rules and policy displays
  14. Booking a hotel at a passenger's destination
  15. Hotel Description Displays and Other Hotel Functions
  16. Fare Displays
  17. Itinerary Pricing
  18. Ticketing
  19. Queues
  20. Queue Tasks
  21. Currency Conversion and Other Miscellaneous Functions
  22. Help and Reference Systems
  23. Timatic
  24. Timaticweb

COURSE 3: galileo expert

Master the Galileo GDS with this dynamic and comprehensive course

Course curriculum: Add to your core and professional knowledge of the Galileo system by learning advan

Course curriculum: Add to your core and professional knowledge of the Galileo system by learning advanced fares techniques and how to ticket a booking file. You'll find the course is expertly created, with detailed examples, quizzes etc. allowing you to develop a deep understanding of this subject

75 lessons | 19 exercises | 24 quizzes | 5 final examinations | 70hrs training time

Course cost: £249.00

Airline Reservations

  1. Course Intro, System Access to Galileo, Encode/Decode
  2. Retrieving, displaying and ignoring BFs
  3. Displaying optional BF fields
  4. Timetable Displays
  5. Flight Availability, Flight Details, Codeshares, Airline Alliances and LCCs
  6. Selling from availability
  7. Passenger names and phone numbers
  8. Received-from and ticketing fields
  9. Building a complete BF and ending a transaction
  10. Change, delete passenger data; cancel itinerary segments
  11. Creating optional BF fields
  12. Creating additional optional BF fields
  13. Service Information Field
  14. Changing and deleting optional BF items
  15. Advanced flight availability
  16. Follow-up advanced flight availability
  17. Last seat availability
  18. Carrier Specific Availability
  19. Miscellaneous segment entries
  20. Secured, Guaranteed, Super Guaranteed, Standard and Request Sell
  21. Cancel and rebook and insert segments
  22. Inserting passenger data
  23. Dividing a party
  24. Advanced seat reservations
  25. Seat configuration and availability maps
  26. Assigning, changing, cancelling seats
  27. Introduction to queues
  28. Review BF items, queue placement
  29. Changing segment status and flight time changes
  30. Queue practice
  31. 3Display Client Files
  32. Move Client Files
  33. Build Client Files
  34. BF history
  35. Miscellaneous Galileo functions
  36. Galileo Information Sources

Automated Fares and Ticketing

  1. Basic fare quotes and Best Buy entries
  2. Fare quotes with segment and passenger selection
  3. No stopover, selling/ticketing country, and sale date modifiers
  4. Working with filed fares
  5. Ticketing modifiers
  6. Ticketing
  7. Ticketing BFs from queue
  8. Basic fare displays
  9. Additional fare displays
  10. North American fare displays
  11. Fare notes
  12. Fare components and notes
  13. Ticket Exchange and Refund

Car Reservations

  1. Car index displays
  2. Vehicle-type codes
  3. Low-to-high car availability
  4. Car availability from segment and index
  5. Booking cars
  6. Reference points, car availability modifiers
  7. More car availability modifiers
  8. Car update entries
  9. Optional fields in car sell entries
  10. Car segment modification
  11. Car rules
  12. Car description displays

Hotel Reservations

  1. HOI, HOA and HOC displays
  2. Hotel rules displays and booking a room
  3. Miscellaneous HOA entries
  4. Hotel search qualifiers
  5. Hotel display modifications and description displays
  6. Hotel optional fields
  7. Hotel segment modification


  1. Introduction to Timatic, Course Outline
  2. The Full Text Database
  3. Specific Database, Visa and Health Info by Itinerary
  4. Timatic City and Country Code Tables and Group Lists
  5. Timatic Rules and News
  6. Timatic Help
  7. Displaying Timatic Information from a BF