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Worldspan is a global distribution system (GDS) used by travel agencies worldwide. 

As a leading global distribution system (GDS), Worldspan provides travel distribution, technologies and services for thousands of travel companies worldwide, including travel agencies, corporations, travel suppliers and travel web sites.

COURSE 1: 45 Hour Worldspan GDS Course

An entry-level Worldspan Course for Travel Consultants

Course curriculum: This course provides you with a full introduction to the Worldspan system

Course curriculum: This course provides you with a full introduction to the Worldspan system. It is perfect for a beginner and provides 45 hours of training time.

This course includes: flight reservations, automated fares and ticketing, car hire and hotel reservations

21 lessons

Course cost: £149.00 equivalent to $178.00

  1. Course Intro, Sign In and Out, Encode and Decode Cities, Airports and Airlines    
  2. PNR Retrieval    
  3. Availability, Flight Service Info, Codeshares, Alliances and Low Cost Carriers    
  4. Advanced Flight Availability    
  5. Flight Reservations, Enter Basic PNR Fields    
  6. Form of Payment, Remarks, Addresses, GFAX Messages, Advance Passenger Information    
  7. Cancel and Rebook Flights, Change and Delete Psgr Data
  8. Seat Maps, Seat Assignment    
  9. Car Availability    
  10. Rental Car Reservations, Modify Car Segment  
  11. Car Information Displays, Car Location Displays, Car Rules, Car Details    
  12. Hotel List, Hotel Details, Hotel Availability, Hotel Rate Rules    
  13. Hotel Reservations Room
  14. Fare Displays and Fare Rules    
  15. Itinerary Pricing    
  16. Ticketing    
  17. Queues    
  18. Reduce and Divide PNR    
  19. Currency, Calculator, Date and Time, Switch Work Areas    
  20. Worldspan HELP, INFO, Reference System    
  21. Final Examination

COURSE 3: Worldspan 70 Hours Comprehensive Course

An intermediate-level Worldspan course for Travel Consultants

Course curriculum: Comprehensive Worldspan Course for the Intermediate Travel Consultant.

Course curriculum: Comprehensive Worldspan Course for the Intermediate Travel Consultant. Prior knowledge of a GDS is required for this course. 

45 lessons  |  14 Quizzes | 9 Exercises  |  5 Exmas  |  Expires after 70 hours of usage or 180 days from first login

Course cost: £209.00 equivalent to $249.00

Airline Reservations 

  1. Introduction, host airline and attributes of Worldspan    
  2. Sine In and Out, Switch AAA    
  3. HELP, INFO and GRS systems    
  4. Encode and Decode Cities, Airports and Airlines    
  5. Availability, Flight Service Information, Alliances, Codeshares, Low Cost Carriers    
  6. Flight Availability Options    
  7. Return Flight Availability    
  8. Booking from Availability, Entering Data in a PNR    
  9. Retrieve PNR    
  10. Canceling, Changing and Deleting Passenger Data    
  11. General Remarks and Addresses    
  12. Other Remarks    
  13. OSI and SSR Messages, Advance Passenger Information    
  14. Enter Open, Waitlist, ARNK Segments    
  15. Inserting and Moving Segments    
  16. Assigning Seats by Area    
  17. Displaying Seat Maps, Assigning Specific Seats    
  18. Changing and Canceling Seat Assignments    
  19. Access Plus, Airline Source and Direct Sell    
  20. Direct Access, Direct Response    
  21. Flight information    
  22. Introduction to Queues    
  23. Queue Placement and Changing Segment Status    
  24. Reducing a Party    
  25. Dividing a Party    
  26. Currency, Calculator, Date and Time Conversion

Automated Fares and Ticketing

  1. Fare Displays    
  2. Fare Rules    
  3. Ticketing Facts Field, Basic Pricing    
  4. Low Fare Finder    
  5. Pricing with Optional Modifiers    
  6. Ticketing

Car Reservations

  1. Basic Car Availability    
  2. Car Availability from Flight Segment    
  3. Car Availability Redisplay and Change    
  4. Advanced Modifiers for Car Availability and Sell Entries    
  5. Car Segment Modification, Canceling Car Segments    
  6. Car Rules, Car Information Displays    
  7. Car Detail Displays

Hotel Reservations

  1. Displaying Hotel List, Details, Availability and Rules    
  2. Booking a Hotel Room, Scenario

Tour source

  1. Tour Source    
  2. Selecting, Booking, and Modifying a Tour    
  3. Ordering Brochures, Practice Booking a Complete Tour